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Recent Highlights

Lied To Again?? The Story is Not Checking Out!! Feb 25
Before I get into the research I did over the weekend regarding recent changes to "planned residenti more...

The Hill is DOOMED! - Report of the Feb. 21 BOT Meeting Feb 25
At the Board Meeting this Tuesday, it was revealed that the Board has been indirectly convinced by t more...

The "Final Warning", and BOARD MEETING TUE 7PM!! Feb 20
IMPORTANT! There is a Board meeting this Tuesday, Feb 21 at 7PM. It is both in person and on Zoom. I more...

The Hill is Saved! Sort of.. Dec 23
December 19th BOT Meeting Executive Summary: "The Hill" report - current plan is to obtain the nece more...

Election Results, Court Hearing Outcome, Special Meeting Dec. 19th Dec 01
It's already over a week since the election and the court hearing on the petition lawsuit. I meant t more...

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