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Recent Highlights

Meet the Candidates Wed 6PM??, Special Board Meeting Thurs 7PM Sep 27
It sounds like there will be some form of a "Meet the Candidates" event at the weekly community Zoom more...

Petition Submitted, BOT Hill Meeting Today 5PM, Wed Community ZOOM Sep 12
The petitions have been submitted to the Board, along with a copy to the Board's attorney, and were more...

**Petition Threshold Reached**, Wednesday ZOOM 6PM, Boards Special Meeting Sep 05
As of September 5th, we just crossed the 278 petition threshold needed to order the Board to call a more...

Town/Board ZOOM Update 8/31 6PM, Another Petition, Direct-Debit Trickery Aug 30
There is a community meeting scheduled for this Wednesday, August 31, starting at 6 PM. The meeting more...

The Board Blows it Again, Board Mtg. Petition, Tuesday ZOOM Reminder Aug 22
After I showed the Board how to get rid of the Hill for just $11/ton, guess what your Board and Mana more...

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