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Every October the Association holds an Annual Election to elect candidates to fill expiring seats and vacancies on the Board of Trustees.

The timeline for candidate submissions is as follows:

Proxies MUST be received from 50% of all owners "in good standing" plus one (assuming everyone is in good standing that would be (545 / 2) + 1 = 274 owners) in order for a quorum to be met and for the election to proceed. This rarely happens by the October Annual Meeting, and in most years it takes several more months before enough ballots are received.

Note: Beginning in 2019, the current board leadership removed multiple election safeguards that had been in place since 2009 to protect the integrity of the annual elections. Specifically, they removed the multiple locks and keyholders from the election mailbox (now only one person and their key is needed to access all the ballots), and they stopped making the "who voted" list periodically available which allowed owners to confirm that their ballot was received. Signature verification safeguards need to be added due to over 50 proxy signatures not matching the owner public record signatures in the 2018 election. The 2019 signatures have yet to be checked for authenticity

Complete the Voting Process Survey to help maintain the integrity of the voting process. This survey allows you to document when and how you returned your ballot, and any issues you had with the voting process.

The Annual Meeting is a very important event. It is the one opportunity every year for the homeowners to become involved in the decision making process of the Association. In addition to voting for candidates for the Board of Trustees, homeowners are also allowed to make motions from the floor at the annual meeting, debate those motions, and even vote on them. This is in sharp contrast to regular Board meetings where homeowners can't participate to anywhere near this extent.

Explanation of Proxy Voting

The Association's by-laws call for proxy voting at the Association's annual meetings. A proxy ballot allows you transfer your rights to vote in the election to a third party, the proxy holder, who will act on your behalf (as a proxy) at the Annual Meeting. The proxy holder can be any other member in good standing entirely of your own choosing, or even the tenant or occupant of your unit. If you don't have a choice, then by default the Secretary of the Association will be the proxy holder. The proxy holder must be physically present at the Annual Meeting in order to vote his or her proxies!

You are allowed to give specific instructions to the proxy holder indicating how you would like the proxy holder to act at the Annual Meeting. The proxy holder is legally obligated to follow your written instructions.

Two things requiring your vote can occur at the Annual Meeting. The first and most obvious one is voting for Board of Trustee members. The second and less obvious is any motions that may be made during the Annual Meeting that require a vote from the entire membership (the unit owners). These motions can be raised by any unit owner from the floor of the Annual Meeting.

Voting for Board of Trustee members is easy - you can specify your choices on your proxy ballot, or you can let the proxy holder decide for you. Voting on motions that may arise during the Annual Meeting is more difficult. Since the motions won't be raised until the meeting, you don't know what they are ahead of time and therefore can't possibly vote on them. This is where the proxy holder really enters the picture - it will be entirely up to the proxy holder as to how to vote on any motions raised at the Annual Meeting. Therefore, if you are concerned about voting on motions, it is important that you choose a proxy holder who will vote consistent with your intentions.

Note: Beginning in 2018, the current board leadership removed the section from the proxy form which allowed owners to give their proxy for "other matters" that may come up at the annual meeting. In the 2018 election, they removed the anonymous ballot and required owners to vote for candidates on the proxy form. Anonymous ballots were restored in 2019, however at the conclusion of the 2019 annual meeting, the election documents were removed from the annual meeting with the ballots still paired with their corresponding proxies, potentially compromising voter anonymity.

Running for Election

If you are interested in possibly serving on the Board of Trustees, you should fill out a Candidate Profile form and bring it to the Management Office by mid September. Your name, a brief profile you provide, and your reason for seeking election will then be included on the yearly election ballot.

Prior Elections, Candidates, and Winners

Below is the history of past Board of Trustees elections in Society Hill. When available, the candidates in bold are the winners, and the numbers after the names are the number of votes received. Candiates in italics are write-ins.

Year Candidates
1988 Gilbert Feldman, Allison Steinbach, Greg Tomazic, Ed Duliba, Marc Shephert, Thomas Renahan, Denise Grillo
1989 Russel Gilkeson, David van Harlingen, Michele Pinheiro, Guillermo Tous
1990 Sharon Stein
1991 Gerald Adelman (167), Sandra Cole (182), Gergory Machyowsky (148), Apurva Mehta (134), Adele Purick (121), Thomas Renahan (156), Philip Rosenzweig (192), Sharon Stein (224)
1992 Clark Beebe, Sylvia Boback, Krishan Sharma, Joan Vasinda
1993 Carol Povich (78), Thomas Renahan (87), James Rigney (96)
1994 Gerald Adelman, Apurva Mehta, Philip Rosenzweig
1995 Gerald Adelman, Gregory Machyowsky, Joanne O'Beirne, Joseph Robbins, Philip Rosenzweig
1996 Gerald Adelman (174), Atul Moghe (89), Joanne O'Beirne (165), Carol Povich (169), Thomas Renahan (143), James Rigney (99), Joseph Robbins (154), Philip Rosenzweig (143), Madan Sharma (139)
1997 Barry Allen (212), Thomas Renahan (198), James Rigney (111), Madan Sharma (198)
1998 John Brahms, Joanne O'Beirne
1999 Gerald Adelman, Fredrick Robinovitz
2000 Barry Allen (1), Ann Battapalgia (1), John Enspa (1), Carol Povich (5), Thomas Renahan (187), Madan Sharma (190), Mark Shering (1+20)
2001 Barry Allen (2+18), John Brahms (1), Toyce Collins (159 - withdrew), John Fox (1), Deb Langer (1), Joanne O'Beirne (167+18), Mahesh Patel (15+18), Ted Robinson (1), Kapil Shah (170+18)
2002 Gerald Adelman (161), James Coe (?), Suraj Goel (?), Debra Martowlis (177), Fredrick Robinovitz (160)
2003 James Coe (130), John Fox (1), Fredrick Robinovitz (166), Madan Sharma (175), Yea Lhee Tain (2), Kazi Zackria (118)
2004 Martin Gibson (25), Sharon Graham (197), Atif Nazir (161), Joanne O'Beirne (80), Jack Sarhage (18), Kapil Shah (54), Kevin Wine (173), Anthony Zaklama (1)
2005 Gerald Adelman (38), Gregory Machyowsky (182), Kevin Wine (222), Gina Pierre (1)
2006 Gerald Adelman (1), Cindy Bitowf (147), James Coe (76), Rob Fraser (1), Brenda Hill (117), Anna Jurczak (131), Mukund Khisty (60), Joanne A. O'Beirne (80), Jack Sarhage (1), Venkatesh Selvaganapathy (56), Mandan Sharma (69), Wallace Williams (120)
2007 Cindy Bitowf (93), Atif Nazir (153), Joanne O'Beirne (108), Venkatesh Selvaganapathy (130)
2008 Cindy Bitowf (78), James Coe (50), Gregory Machyowsky (137), Joanne O'Beirne (74), Steven Pierce (74), Donna Reff (50), Douglas Sanford (108), Kevin Wine (163)
2009 Ritesh Betala (160), Cindy Bitowf (3), Steve Bullock (1), Carlysle Chan (148), James Coe (96), Brenda Hill (1), John Martinkovic (1), Donna Reff (1), Douglas Sanford (141)
2010 James Coe (67), Toyce Collins (119), Brenda Hill (45), Atif Nazir (154)
2011 James Coe (47), Gregory Machyowsky (149), Kevin Wine (207)
2012 Carlysle Chan (178), James Coe (80), Douglas Sanford (125), Donald Thomas (123), George Tsacnaris (158), Cindy Bitowf (1), Kyra Climbingbear (1)
2013 Atif Nazir (106), Gregory Machyowsky (95), Brenda Hill (6), Donald Thomas (4)
2014 Kevin Wine (170), Zahid Khan (128), Toyce Collins (9), Brenda Hill (1), Mary Thomas (1), Linda Zhou (1), James Coe (1), Douglas Sanford (1)
2015 George Tsacnaris (141), Carlysle Chan (167), Douglas Sanford (119), Pushpa Sharma (90), Farhan Qamar (79)
2016 Pushpa Sharma (65), Greg Machyowsky (98), Jack Sarhage (25), George Tsacnaris (24), Atif Nazir (94), Mary Thomas (97)
2017 Teresa Douglas (37), Atif Nazir (232), Kevin Wine (246), Tong Zhou (230), Ballot Question Yes (54), No (189)
2018 Teresa Douglas (88), Jotin Kehair (125), Farhan Qamar (117), Doug Sanford (148), Dashmesh Singh (123), Michele Timper (39), George Tsacnaris (140), Wendy Zhang (159)
2019 Matthew Phillips (105), Bharat Rangolia (100), Mary Thomas (165), Tong Zhou (173)
2020 Forest Luu (158), Patricia Mincarelli (132), Atif Nazir (111), Dilip Patel (66), Mahesh Patel (56), Brian Timper (121), Kevin Wine (122)
2021 Nalaka Dias (152), Atif Nazir (127), Dilip Patel (120), Doug Sanford (148), Kevin Wine (123), Wendy Zhang (141)
2022 Thomas Lopez (98), Dilip Patel (41), Mohammed Sharif (12), Mohiuddin Syed (141), Mary Thomas (81), George Tsacnaris (133)

Candidate Profile Statements

Below are the Candidate Profile statements and Proxy Ballots for the Society Hill at Piscataway Annual Elections. The names listed with each year are the names of the candidates running for election in that year:

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