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Voting Process Survey

The Board of Trustees and the managment company no longer release a list of which homeowners have voted, during or even after the election is complete. This makes it impossible to confirm your vote was successfully delivered and was counted, and all too easy for votes to simply disappear. Additionally, there have been numerous reports from homeonwers that they have not received the election mailings at all, or have been approached by office staff or others at the clubhouse with "voting advice". It is important to document these incidents to determine if there is a systemic problem or just a few isolated cases.

In all probability, voting data was harvested from the 2018 election in which the proxy form and the ballot were on the same page. In May of 2020, further revisions to PREDFDA made this practice ILLEGAL, but that came too late for the 2018 election. For 2019, the board did use anonymous ballots, however the ballots were taken away after the meeting with the ballots still paired with their proxies, allowing for possible data harvesting. Thus, the concern remains that such data could be used very strategically in the election process by those so inclined.

To provide at least some level of voting fraud protection, we are trying to collect voting process information from as many owners as possible. This will allow us to eventually confirm that votes were delivered intact and that no votes were lost. We are NOT asking who you voted for - rather, these questions are about your experience with the voting process.

For which voting are you completing this survey? If you remember any details from the last two annual elections, please complete separate responses for those as well.

Your unit number (or numbers, if you own more than one unit):

Your Email address, for verification purposes:

Did you receive the original election mailing?

When did you receive the election mailing? If you don't recall the specific date, any approximate recollection is still very useful. There are very specific rules the association must follow on when the mailing must be delivered.

How did you deliver your vote?

If you had any interation with association staff or managment company staff during the voting process, were you given any unsolicited advice on how to vote?

Recent changes to condominium law in NJ requires the assocation to send you a letter 30 days prior to an election, alerting you if there is an outstanding balance on your maintenance fee account. If you had an outstanding balance, did you receive such a notice?

When did you mail, email, FAX, or drop off your vote? If you don't recall the specific date, any approximate recollection is still very useful like "early March" or "a week before the meeting", or "right after I received it", etc.

Any additional comments?

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