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This is the independent WEB site for the Society Hill at Piscataway Condominium Association, located in Piscataway, NJ. This site is not sponsored, endorsed, or supported by the Association, the Board of Trutees, or the Managment Company. It is run by a former member of the Board of Trustees.

Much of the content from the prior Association's WEB site has been moved here. However, since this site is not connected to the management systems, it no longer supports on-line service requests, reminders, on-line payments and account history, and owner/tenant/vehicle updating.

If you are looking for the Association's official new WEB site, they don't really have one - it's just a payment portal for the monthly fees.

Lied To Again?? The Story is Not Checking Out!! by Kevin Wine, Feb 25, 2023, 8:06 PM, reply, branch, edit

Before I get into the research I did over the weekend regarding recent changes to "planned residential development" construction requirements, I wanted to remind everyone that the easiest way to address the $1,200 special assessment is to request "ADR" from the Board. The Board is legally obligated to provide ADR as a means to resolve disputes between owners and the Board. If they fail to provide ADR, you can file a complaint with the DCA (NJ Department of Community Affairs) and the DCA will enforce the ADR requirement. Details are at:

Technically speaking, ADR is supposed to involve a neutral third party, which will meet with you, hear your complaint, hear the associations side of the story, and try to negotiate a solution. The Board and the management company are NOT supposed to be the ones handing the negotiation! All you have to do to start the process is send a written request addressed to the Board, for example:

"Dear Society Hill at Piscataway Board of Trustees, As per your letter dated February 7, 2023, which I received on February XX, 2023 [fill in the date you actually received it], I am requesting ADR to resolve the matter involving the $1,200 special assessment. Sincerely, [your name]"

Since the Board still doesn't have an email address, email your request to It would be good to copy the Board's attorney, which is You can also put this in a letter and send it to the Board of Trustees, 550 Chesterfield Dr., Piscataway NJ 08854.

It was mentioned multiple times at the Board meeting last Tuesday that filing an amended site plan application would trigger various updates that would have to be made to the property as a condition of approval. Apparently, the rules or the laws have changed since the last amended site plan approval we received in 2014.

Since we are often lied to, or at least not told the whole story, I figured I better try and figure out exactly what laws or rules have changed in the last 8 year impacting site plans for planned residential communities. The first stop was the Township of Piscataway ordinances, which are now on-line. There is a section in the ordinance book specifically for PRDs, section 21-1011. Here it is:

I can't find anything in there that jumps out as deviating from how this development was originally constructed. Most of the ordinance sections have been untouched since 1972.

Section 21-1011.2(f) references the "Residential Site Improvement Standards (RSIS)", which is available at:

And the only changes since 2011 are at:

I find nothing in the change document that would impact us.

It was also mentioned at one of the meetings over the last 8 months that a new site plan would require that we provide electric vehicle charging stations. Well here is the story on that:

We are not a new development, therefore this does not apply. We would be filing an amended site plan application, not a new site plan application. Again, we are not a new development. There was some reference to this in two of the township emails in the T&M Associates information package released last week (page 62, Henry Hinterstein email, and page 65, Ben Pobicki email).

There may have been some changes on the DEP side over the last 30 years, but presumably the DEP would have mentioned that in all the recent correspondence with them, and they didn't. I do happen to know that it is no longer permitted to build a retention basin on an existing stream by damning it up (that's what our pond is). So are they going to make us tear down 2 or 3 buildings to build a new pond off to the side!?? I think not..

So what's going on!!???? I think we are being fed another bunch of BS. The Board and the town should be pressed on precisely what it is that has changed that would complicate approval of an amended site plan to keep the hill in place. As of now, I am unsuccessful in finding anything.


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